Welcome to Off The Grid Pool Systems

Providing unique systems, we set up filtration and sanitising equipment to run purely from solar energy.

We are dedicated to making a difference, and as such we have developed an all-inclusive filtration and heating system purely run from renewable energy. These solar power systems are the future of pool maintenance, providing all the benefits of existing systems with an environmentally friendly outcome.

We use a combination of products to guarantee the utmost quality is maintained in our systems. We have been testing and developing our solar power systems for pools for two years, and installing them for around a year. We have tuned our systems until they are the very best, trialling all products on the market until we got it right.

We offer a variety of options, ranging from supplying individual components through to an all-inclusive fully installed or DIY “OFF THE GRID SYSTEM”. We are here to discuss your personalised needs if you are unsure what products you require.

Running and maintaining pools is an expensive endeavour, and our solution cuts the cost of your energy & maintenance bills while additionally being environmentally conscious.

We offer a range of services, from installations to supply and maintenance. While we primarily provide functioning solar systems, we additionally provide pool servicing and maintenance as well as renovating existing pools to restore them to their ideal position.

Our systems can be completely customised to fit with your existing system, or we can completely replace the old one so you can experience the benefits of solar energy today. The system also has the option and capacity to be split across your household, where the power generated can be optimised to either be stored on a battery or split to run household items when not running your pool system.

Our solar panel systems are also available for wholesale purchase at a unique price. Simply contact us to find more.

We are happy to discuss all our products and services to give you peace of mind. Call us today to find out just how you can benefit and additionally help the environment. We serve throughout the state of Victoria for the convenience of our clientele.