About Us

About Us

Serving throughout the state of Victoria, Off The Grid Pool Systems was built around the idea of a completely new niche demand. The concept of using solar for the filtration, sanitisation and heating of pools is relatively new, and is the future when it comes to the pool industry.

The founder of Off The Grid Pool Systems, Steve McWhinney, has worked in the pool and plumbing industry for 20 years. He has extensive experience across a broad range of industries involved in pool installation and maintenance and is ideally knowledgeable to assist with all your personalised solar pool system requirements.

If you’ve ever owned a pool, or you’re thinking of getting one installed, then you must be aware of the expense of running a pool system. They need constant maintenance, and there is a fine balance between having a huge power bill and a clean pool, and after years of dealing with people frustrated with these issues we have worked hard to develop the solution. Here at Off The Grid Pool Systems we rigorously tested and developed our solar power system specifically for pool use.

We use a combination of products to build a high powered and efficient system functioning purely from solar energy. Our systems literally enable you to run your pool off the grid, allowing for a better clean in an environmentally friendly manner. We have additionally engineered our all-inclusive systems to be set up as a split system, where the solar system can be utilised to power a battery our household items when not being used on the pool.

The products we use are new to the market and ideally optimised for off the grid solar use. We specialise in providing a full kit, which is as of yet not available within Australia.

Contact us today to discuss the benefits of using renewable energy for your pool system. We are happy to discuss the ways in which we integrate our solar installation into your existing product and how the solar energy works in guaranteeing you superior results.