Offering a comprehensive range of solar installation options, the team at Off The Grid Pool Systems have the ideal solution for you.

The future is in solar energy and other renewable energy sources, but that shouldn’t mean that you miss out on the luxuries of life. Alternatively, switch to environmentally friendly solutions for your pool filtration, sanitation and heating system and take a step at controlling your emissions output and power consumption.

When you’re getting a new pool installed we encourage your pool builder to call us. We work alongside installers to integrate our sustainable systems into the filtration mechanisms. We additionally cater for the following services to ensure we can assist on all levels of pool maintenance:

Pool servicing
Pool renovation
Installation of products
Replacement of old system
Installation of solar panels (Roof and ground mounting)
Personalised advice and recommendations

Combining innovative technology with the best products on the market, our services feature the following products:

Solartherm Pool Heating

This product is the most superior solar panel on the market to date, and instead of being made from rubber matting is made from polycarbonate. This substance makes the panel highly durable and efficient, as the glazing is completely vermin proof as well as hail proof. The panel is additionally half the size of all other panels on the market and just as powerful. This solar panel is perfect for those who have limited roof space yet still want a powerful product. This item is the first crucial element towards building a renewable energy source, and is our go to for all our systems.

Reaqua Solar Pumps


Lorentz pumps are German designed and are highly efficient. They are the best pumps available on the market and are ideal for integrating into solar powered systems. They are engineered to be off grid in terms of electrical consumption. Lorentz pumps are highly reliable and are the ideal source of renewable energy for the environmentally conscious. These pumps are the very definition of quality, and are the perfect intersection of German innovation and modern technology.

We alternatively offer budget option solar pumps.

Contact us for more details.

Ozone Swim

Ozone Swim pool purification systems are the ideal environmentally friendly technique for cleaning and purifying your pool. Using a third of the chemicals of conventional pool cleaning, this system combines the power of Ozone and mineral/ salt water chlorination to create soft, hygienic and odour free water. Ozone is a natural element that is in the air, and to put it simply Oxygen is O2, while Ozone is O3. It is widely used to sanitise water globally and is injected into the water to break down into Oxygen. When the Ozone breaks down into Oxygen in the water it naturally and safely purifies the water, destroying all harmful contaminates like organics, impurities, bacteria and viruses.

What this means for your pool is that it is better for everyone. By using this natural technique for purifying the water only a third of the chemicals are used, which means you can swim all day without irritation. You no longer need to be concerned about how the harsh pool chemicals are affecting your child’s skin and eyes when using this product.

EvoHeat Heat Pumps

The ideal option for your pool, spa and home, EvoHeat is the ultimate brand when it comes to sustainable heating and cooling systems. The heat pumps we use from EvoHeat are energy efficient, affordable, eco-friendly and flexible, enabling them to be the perfect off the grid solution for heating your pool or spa. This ground breaking technology has paved the way for heating options within Australia, and is easily integrated into all systems we use at Off The Grid Pooling Systems.

By combining these products we have engineered an all-inclusive system that bespeaks of high quality. On every level we have gone out of our way and tested for two years to see which product is ideal for our system, and this is it. You can rest assured that we know that this is the best of the best.

We alternatively offer budget options within our system, as well as wholesale, for the convenience of our clientele. No matter what you require, we can assist.